BeagleBone Update 3 Apr 13

Decided to take  break from the Python raytracer for awhile and try working on the BeagleBone.

Tried following the Make magazine‘s tutorial on getting started with the BeagleBone, but realized it was much more involved than expected.

I used a different GPIO pin (GPIO1_2 instead of GPIO1_6 in the video) and couldn’t get anything to work. Test with a multimeter showed no voltage.


So I tried GPIO1_6, and it worked perfectly fine.

Lighted LED. Wow.

Lighted LED. Wow.

A little googling and I came across this pdf. In the document it is mentioned to check that the kernel supports GPIO and that one needs to ensure that the pin is configured in GPIO mode. I did the checks, and apparently the directory doesn’t exist on my version of the kernel. Which begs the question why does GPIO1_6 work?

Will need some time to figure this out.


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